Terms and Conditions


  1. Valid identification card or passport is required upon renting. This will be returned to you upon the return of the motorbike rented.
  2. Check your rented motorbike before using. Make sure the unit is in good condition. Be sure to point out any scratches or damages on the motorbike to the owner or owner’s representative before leaving. Any damage/s, scratch/es, crack/s, dent/s etc. that are found on the motorbike upon its return will be charged to you as the renter.
  3. The motorbike is full on fuel upon renting. However, fuel is not included on the rental rate. Make sure that the motorbike is returned full on fuel also. Failure to do so will be subject to additional charges.
  4. Obey traffic rules at all times. The cooperative, owner or owner’s representative will not be liable to any violation that you have violated throughout the duration of the rent. Penalty to any violation will be the responsibility of the renter.
  5. Respect the traffic enforcers. If asked to pull over, kindly obey and show the papers inside the compartment of your motorbike.
  6. Do not take the motorbike to the beach. Passing along the beach front and shoreline is strictly prohibited and is subject to penalty.
  7. Only one passenger (back ride) is allowed. This is for the safety of both the renter and the motorbike.
  8. Return the motorbike on the agreed time and place you have set with the owner or owner’s representative. Failure to return it on the place and time agreed will be subject to corresponding surcharge and fees.
  9. The motorbike is not allowed to be taken outside Boracay Island except if arranged prior. Should you decide to take it outside the island, kindly contact the owner or owner’s representative.
  10. Drive defensively at all times. Be aware with your surroundings especially on busy streets. Please note that insurance is not included in the rental rate. Drive at your own risk.
  11. All bookings are non-refundable.
    Php. 500.00 charge on cancellation.